It's time to get into the spirit!

With the fall equinox upon us and spooky season soon to follow, Michigan's first and only (that I'm aware of) witchcraft-themed cocktail bar is the perfect place to shed the past and cheers to the future as we transition to a new season.

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Over the weekend I took a trip to the Detroit area with my bestie and one of the top items on our to-do list was visit The Black Salt.

It was around this same time last year we first told you of the lounge's intentions to open and in March 2023 owner Zoey Ashwood's dreams became reality when The Black Salt served its first customers.

Lauren G-TSM/Canva
Lauren G-TSM/Canva

What to Expect:

From the lighting to the décor to the drinks-- let me just say the vibe in this place is right! The moment you walk in you're greeted by fun little vending machines except these machines don't give you candy, they give you spells!

Manifesting spells, protection spells, and peaceful spells are each available for 50¢ each; there's also a tarot machine available for $1.00 each.

Cast a Spell

The Black Salt offers many of their drinks in non-alcoholic and mocktail forms, but you also have the option to set an intention or add a ritual with their special spell cocktails. Explains Zoey,

We are a metaphysical & homeopathic cocktail bar focused on intentional use of ingredients coupled with processes based healing rituals. Our rituals are shaped by a wide array of influences, providing a non-denominational approach to consciousness magick... Magick comes from  your belief in the ritual an the power you conjure within.

Lauren G/TSM
Lauren G/TSM

Ashwood says her main concern is consent; patrons should never feel pressure to be involved in any of the establishments rituals and those who wish to simply have a drink and check out the vibes are certainly welcome.

That's why The Black Salt has a coaster policy:

To order a spell cocktail, place your drink coaster with the 8 pointed star facing up and tell the bartender "with ritual"... without the ritual, place your coaster with the bar logo facing up. If you do not mention "with ritual," you will receive a normal cocktail with amazing ingredients.

Whether you're a believer or just visiting, The Black Salt is worth checking out just for the experience alone!

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