A Pennsylvania truck driver with 649 arrest warrants was just taken down by Columbus, Ohio police.

Ahyoka Keith, also known as Carol Ann Sumner has been on the run with a criminal rap sheet that makes a CVS receipt look tiny.  Her job as a truck driver helped her avoid the long arm of the law.  The Spring Township Police Department in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania worked with the Columbus Police Department in Ohio last week which led to her capture last Friday.

Woman arrested in Ohio has 649 arrest warrants
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Shockingly, of the 649 outstanding arrest warrants, almost exactly half of those were felony charges according to NBC4i.com,

322 felonies and 327 misdemeanors related to theft. Keith’s felony charges include identity theft, criminal use of a communication facility, and theft by the unlawful taking-movable property, access device issued to another who did not authorize use, and financial exploitation of care dependent person.

The two local government agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio are working together to extradite the suspect to face her many charges in Bellefonte.  The Columbus Division of Police published a bit of a shout-out to all of the law enforcement involved in the arrest of this fugitive on Facebook by saying,

👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ Shoutout to the incredible dedication and teamwork of our Columbus Police detectives and patrol officers!  With seamless coordination between Columbus Police detectives and patrol officers, the team successfully apprehended Ms. Keith without incident on February 16, 2024. 👏




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