Back when we were kids, the roller rink was the place where all kids would flock to after a long, hard week of middle school, to let rumors and young romance blossom. As we got older, we slowly stopped going to this once magical place of our youth. But there are places that are making a comeback, and the love of roller skating and rollerblading is nowhere near done.

That's why this sales opportunity at 200 N Clinton Street in Albion may be your opportunity to bring the kids back to the rink for those weekend nights filled with fun. It's gonna take some tender loving care, however, as Greenridge Realty pointed out that this well-loved skating rink is being sold as is...

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With nearly 15,000 sq. feet this former skating rink with a rich history is hitting the market. With some elbow grease and repairs, a great opportunity awaits to bring this building back alive and restored to all it's glory. A full kitchen, skating floor, bathrooms, large parking lot, and many other rooms and amenities there is a lot to love about this property. With downtown revitalization efforts being made and the Big Albion Plan in action, no time is better than now to invest in this city.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you wanna live the high life, it's gonna cost you $350,000 alone for the roller rink, sold as is, so that does not include updates and repairs. Either way, take a look at what remains of the previous skating rink and see if it'll be worth it.

The Old DJ Roller World In Albion Is For Sale

Gallery Credit: Greenridge Realty

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