In one week, we saw both sides of the spectrum as far as weather is concerned in Michigan. Starting off with early last week we got the worst weather we've seen in SWMI in a long time. Southwest Michigan suffered an F2 tornado that would plow its way through multiple cities and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. Luckily for, the residents here in Michigan, there is zero reported deaths from this tornado.

Considering the alternative as unfortunate as this was at least we can say that nobody lost their lives to this natural disaster. Fast-forward a few days and you get a few sunny days under your belt and try to come out of that experience as positive as possible and we’re left with what we were given Friday night, a dazzling visual experience that you truly have to see to believe.

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The aurora borealis in Michigan was hitting cities in southeast and southwest Michigan, many of which have not seen the aurora borealis to this extent. All Friday night photos were flooding social media showing everyone’s different perspectives of the light show, including this author.

I ended up going to bed a little bit early, but was able to get some of the most dazzling photos of the aurora borealis you’ll ever see. Now keep in mind that, unlike other photos you may see, these are quite a bit different. It's just unfortunate for me that they have to be an artist rendering, considering I fell asleep before they were in full effect.

The Most Dazzling Photo's of Michigan's Aurora Borealis

Okay, now to some real pictures...

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