We've got a bone to pick with USA Today.

The venerable publication is well-known for releasing lists of all the best things that America has to offer, from festivals and farmers' markets to public spaces and places to go.

USA Today's "10 Best Coastal Towns"

The USA Today "10 Best Coastal Towns" list has been making the rounds on social media. The newspaper's panel of experts presented a list of nominees to its readers, who then voted for their favorites.

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Michigan's got some great potential candidates, right? Traverse City? Mackinac Island? Surely we'd make the list. Right?

Photo via Canva
Traverse City, Michigan. Photo via Canva


We scrolled through the backwards list, looking for the inevitable Michigan entry.

Oregon, North Carolina, Delaware, Florida, another Florida... oh, OK. They must have just meant ocean coastline.

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We're this far, might as well see what the Top 5 are... Massachusetts, Wisconsin, another Massachusetts... wait a second. Wisconsin?! How did Bayfield, Wisconsin make the list? Where even is that? (Obviously they aren't limiting this to ocean shoreline.)

Whatever. Michigan must be at the top then! Florida's #2, and #1 is... Ohio!?

Sandusky, Ohio is America's best coastal town? 

Photo courtesy of Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio. Photo courtesy of Cedar Point

We'll concede that lots of Michiganders have enjoyed some time in Sandusky, home of Cedar Point. But we refuse to accept that no Michigan town was considered awesome enough to even crack USA Today's "10 Best Coastal Towns". This is an outrage!

What Are USA Today's 10 Best Coastal Cities for 2024?

Thankfully, the Michigan snub's been rectified for 2024. Not only does Michigan now have a well-deserved representative on the USA Today "10 Best Coastal Towns" list, it's all the way up at #2!

Congratulations, Saugatuck - bested only by Stuart, Florida (which ranked 2nd on last year's list).

Photos via Canva
Photos via Canva

If you've been to Saugatuck, you know it deserves the accolade. Take a look at some of our favorite pics from Saugatuck below, and check out the full 2024 USA Today "10 Best Coastal Towns" list here.

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