When you think of Michigan sports teams, which ones come to mind?

Not talking college. We're talking pro or at least semi-pro.

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Of course the Detroit Lions come to mind, as do the Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings.

Michigan has had dozens of lesser-known pro teams over the years, many of which have been forgotten - even by the biggest sports enthusiasts.

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Do you remember these?

Sports Teams That Used to Call Detroit Home

Several different sports have had franchises in Michigan's biggest city at some point.

For instance, Detroit's had at least ten pro football teams. Back before the Lions ever came into existence, Detroit had had four different NFL franchises: the Heralds, the Tigers, the Panthers and the Wolverines. The Arena Football League had both the Detroit Drive and Detroit Fury. The Detroit Thunder suited up for the Continental Indoor Football League. The Detroit Wheels played briefly for the fledgling World Football League, and the city even had a very competitive women's pro football team with the Detroit Danger (later the Detroit Demolition) in the 2000s.

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The Detroit Vipers used to play for the old International Hockey League, and the Detroit Auto Kings were a pro softball team.

Former professional soccer clubs that called the city home include the Express, Ignition, Lightning and Safari.

Other Former Michigan Pro Sports Teams

Detroit isn't the only Michigan city with a pro sports history, though - not by a long shot.

Take a look and see if any of these old Michigan teams ring a bell.

Old Michigan Sports Teams We Forgot Existed

Michigan's had so many sports teams come and go over the years. Do you remember these?

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