We've all seen those videos online where British people try American foods for the first time, or with teenagers hearing music from the 1980s they've never heard before.

These are commonly referred to as "reaction videos".

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Here's a fun one with people from California trying their best to pronounce the names of several different towns in Michigan.

It's fun to hear what people who are from other areas think when they see the names of Michigan towns for the first time.

What a Southerner Thinks of Michigan Cities and Towns

My friend Alyssa is from Nashville and has grown up in the South all her life. As a matter of fact, she's never even been to Michigan except that one time she had an airline layover in Detroit. (I told her to try Leo's Coney Island while she was there, but she was in the wrong terminal and didn't have enough time between flights to grab a bite.)

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Photo via Kristen Matthews, TSM Lansing

After scrolling through and seeing a few reaction videos on social media, I wondered what Alyssa's first impressions would be of different places in Michigan she'd never heard of.

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She agreed to give me the first thought that came into her mind when hearing the names of 16 different Michigan locations, from Detroit and Grand Rapids to Traverse City and Sault Ste. Marie and several others.

To be fair, Alyssa was pretty accurate with a few of her assumptions. But some of them - just wow. Take a look.

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