Michigan drivers, be aware! If you're behind the wheel of a heavy-duty pickup, check for a recent model-specific recall.

According to WXYZ, General Motors is recalling more than 323,000 heavy-duty pickup trucks in the U.S.

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What Trucks Models Are Being Recalled?

The recall affects certain Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 trucks from the 2020 through 2024 model years.

Recalled models include:

Why is General Motors Recalling Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks?

General Motors is recalling more than 323,000 heavy-duty pickup trucks because the electronic tailgate release switches can short circuit, causing the gates to open while the vehicles are in park. Apparently, water can get into the switches, leading to the unintended opening of the tailgates while parked.

The open tailgate could result in items falling out, potentially causing an accident. This could also serve as an open invitation for thieves to take whatever cargo you may have.

Can The Tailgate Open While While Driving?

According to Kelly Blue Book, GM says the programming of the lock module means this can only happen while the truck is parked. However, the NHTSA has received complaints of tailgates dropping open while driving. The company insists, “These complaints are likely attributable to the tailgate releasing while in Park before beginning a drive.

The repair is free but you'll need to contact your local dealer to make an appointment.

GM has instructed dealers to halt the sale of these trucks until the issue is resolved for the affected models on their lots.

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