At what age is it okay to leave your child home alone?

Every child is different in terms of maturity and when you feel like you can trust them. It is up to you as a parent, but regardless of what age you are comfortable, there are some things your child should know how to do first.

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As someone who was left alone at an early age, believe me when I tell you - things can go wrong. My parents gave me chores to do when I was home alone, and one of those chores resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

You may want to think twice about having your kids hand-wash dishes if you are not there. Sometimes glasses break, and stitches are required. I think you may have guessed what the first thing on my list is - knowing how to use a phone to call for help.

1.) Use a cell phone. Your kid needs to be able to get in contact with you and how to call 911 if necessary.

Mobile phone addiction or cyber bullying young boy on cellphone

2.) The difference between an emergency and a non-emergency. Your kid should also know their full name and address.


3.) Where the First Aid kit is and has easy access to it.

First aid kit. Vector illustration

4.) Do not post on social media about being home alone.

sam thomas
sam thomas

5.) Do not answer the door for anyone.

Covered porch and front door of beautiful new home

6.) Follow the rules you have set (no TV, no social media, etc.)


7). How to prepare food without using the stove or microwave unless permitted to do so.

Homemade Fluffernutter Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich for Kids

8.) How to keep busy inside of the house. Depending on your child's age and the safety of your neighborhood you may allow them to play outside. That is your call.

Young teen girl sitting on her bed writing in a notebook

9.) Where to seek shelter in case of dangerous weather.

A dangerous tornado in tornado alley

10.) That you love and trust them.

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Alex Krishtop

For additional tips including how to prepare your child for staying home alone, click here. I should have never been left alone in a house with cigarettes, but that is a story for another time.

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