It sounds kind of strange telling someone in Michigan that they can't drive through a car wash because their vehicle is too muddy. However, that's exactly what some car wash owners are telling customers.

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While sitting in line at the car wash, you may have noticed a sign that reads, "No muddy vehicles allowed." Signs like that have started popping up in car washes throughout the state in recent years.

It sounds crazy but makes total sense after you understand the reason behind it.

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Why Are Car Washes Turning Away Customers?

The signs aren't intended to turn away business from someone who has a muddy vehicle from driving down a dirt road or something like that. It's intended to keep mud-covered trucks and jeeps out of their car wash drive-thrus and car wash bays.

We're talking about trucks and jeeps that are covered from top to bottom in mud so thick that you can't see through the windshield. These are vehicles that have endured one of Michigan's many mud-bogging events.


Why Aren't Muddy Vehicles Allowed at Some Michigan Car Washes?

The main reason some car washes are turning away excessively muddy cars is due to dirt causing damage to the machinery. Too much mud can also clog drains forcing water to fill up in the washing bays.

The car wash bays become useless after a mud-bogging truck or jeep has been in it. No one can pull in to wash their car with all that mud everywhere.

Unfortunately, someone has to clean that mess before another customer can use it.


One Reddit user and former car wash employee explained how awful it is to deal with:

Y'all ever pressure washed a truck after they went mudding? Being covered in mud that got thrown all over you the first hour of your shift sucks. Also cleaning out that disgusting drain because it's all clogged up from some hillbilly high school kid mudding was infuriating in and of itself. Plus the brushes in the wash get gunked up with rocks, chunks of mud, and sand which gets slapped against every vehicle behind them for the day.

If your vehicle is totally covered in mud, don't take it to the car wash.

The best thing people can do is hose their muddy vehicle off at home and then bring it to the car wash for a final cleansing.

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