With the surprising amount of snow that we got today (Tuesday), we figured it would be a good time for a friendly reminder of the state's rules on snow-covered vehicles.

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How many times have you witnessed someone driving down the road with a ton of snow piled up on the hood or roof of their vehicle? You see them going down the road and snow flying everywhere around them. In Michigan, we see it all the time. Are you one of these people?

Some people just don't want to take the time to properly clear their vehicles of snow. While letting the wind do all the work may seem like a great idea, it's downright dangerous and in some states, illegal.


Is it Against the Law to Drive With a Snow-Covered Vehicle in Michigan?

Yes, it is against the law to drive with a bunch of snow on your car. Michigan is one of 11 states that prohibit driving a vehicle without clearing snow from it.

If you have snow or ice on your windshield, and if it impairs your vision or puts other drivers at risk, you could easily get a ticket.

That ice and snow could easily slide up your windshield and into the air, ultimately slamming down on other cars around you.


When removing snow and ice from your vehicle, be sure you clear it from your headlights, roof, taillights, brake lights, and all exterior lights.

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