It is very clear where Michiganders head when they move out of the state.

Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. Many people absolutely love being able to experience all four seasons at their best. However, just because it is beautiful doesn't mean we stay in the state forever.

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There are many reasons that Michiganders may decide to move out of state. Maybe a new career opportunity. Maybe another state offers something Michigan doesn't. Even the weather can wear on lifelong Michigan residents.

Don't get me wrong, I love Michigan! I was born in Detroit and have traveled around most of the state to check out what it has to offer. However, I plan to move to another state within the next ten years. Why? It's simple. I've become a bitter old man and am sick of the cold winters. As a kid, I loved winter. As an adult, I just get angry and cuss at the trash can when my face starts to hurt from the cold wind while pumping gas. I've done my time. I'll be heading to warmer climates soon enough.

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And judging by the article from, I am not alone when it comes to despising the cold weather. The top two states that people from Michigan are moving to have a much warmer climate.

Here's an added little fun fact as well. In 2022, only one state was free from Michiganders moving in. Not a single person from Michigan moved to New Hampshire. That's pretty sad considering 40 people moved to Alaska.

If you decided to move out of Michigan, where would you want to live? My top picks are Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and Alabama.

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Keep in mind that these numbers are from 2022. However, I can't imagine that the top state destinations changed a whole lot in 2023.


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