Sometimes you simply need a good cocktail after a long day. You may even stop at a liquor store to grab a new bottle.

However, according to Tasting Table, Michigan's liquor stores are not one of the best in the country.

There is a Midwest contender but where is it?

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What Is The Best Liquor Store Close To Grand Rapids?

Independent Spirits, Inc.
Independent Spirits, Inc.

Tasting Table says that one of the best liquor stores is Independent Spirits, Inc.

"Located in Edgewater, Independent Spirits Inc. focuses on the rare and interesting when it comes to spirits and wines, but that doesn't mean owner Scott Crestodina doesn't keep well-stocked shelves. Independent Spirits fills a niche that bigger liquor stores overlook by offering craft brews and rarified bottles, and Crestodina, who opened the shop in 2013, and his staff are excited about what they sell."

John Sommers II
John Sommers II

Besides the regular liquor you would pick up at a liquor store, Independent Spirits is a little bit different.

"The tasting notes written on highlighted wines and spirits are thoughtful, even downright poetic, and spot on. Above the sections are drawings of the various wine regions made by Crestodina himself. Wines range from New to Old World, and customers can stop by for a weekly tasting to check out what's new at the store. Passion and a desire to share is what drives the staff here, so for an elevated cocktail experience, trust in the folks at Independent Spirits Inc. to help you out."

It is located at 5947 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660.

It is a tad disheartening that there was not a single Michigan liquor store on this list.

If you want to see the full list, you can view it here.

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