They started from Facebook sales and pop-up shops to a kiosk in Rivertown Mall and are upgrading in a major way!

A well-known Grand Rapids-based custom clothing brand is adding a physical location.

Here is what you need to know.

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What Is Mitten Ties?

Mitten Ties LLC is a clothing brand that is all about representing the culture!

My love for Mitten Ties runs deep! I even have my own custom jacket from the company.

Lisha B Live
Lisha B Live

Mitten Ties Is Opening A New Store In Woodland Mall

Mitten Ties' new physical location is set to open on April 6th at Woodland Mall.

How exciting!

From the mall opening at 11 am till 8 pm, you can join the celebration of the new physical location, which is closer to Macy's in Woodland Mall.

What is in store for the grand opening?

Cali, the owner and operator of Mitten Ties shared that there will be treats and so much more.

"We will giving out free hats to anyone who makes a purchase on the grand opening day. We are going to have a discount table. Hoodies for $40 and tshirts for $20. Varsity jackets and sweatsuits for $100."

Besides the grand opening, Mitten Ties's physical location will also offer opportunities for other established brands to be featured in its Brand of the Month.

Starting in May, you can submit your local brand on Instagram to be featured as the Brand of the Month.

Your brand will be highlighted in the store for 30 days. For the brands that sell the most at the end of the year, your brand will have the opportunity to make a varsity jacket collab with Mitten Ties.

Perfect for all legit business owners.

Want to hear more? Listen to the full interview below.

Mitten Ties Exclusive Interview with Lisha B

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