Attention all electric vehicle drivers and owners!

Your car may be great for the environment. However, it could be problematic for people in your area.

The Mishawaka Fire Department has an urgent demand specifically for their community, but also for all Michigan residents.

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Why Do You Need This Sticker If You Are A Michigan Electric Car Driver?

On April 6th, the Mishawaka Fire Department made a post on their Facebook page that sparked some much-needed attention.

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If you are an owner of an electric vehicle, you need to help your emergency responders.

"If you own an electric vehicle, we kindly request that you apply these stickers to your garage door frames."

Before an emergency responder comes through your garage, they need to know what may be on the other side.

So, these stickers are a must!

"These stickers will provide us with crucial information in the event of a fire emergency, allowing us to extinguish it quickly and efficiently."

What Are These Stickers?

These 'electric' warning stickers are a way for people to be alerted to garages and other locations that may have an electric vehicle or battery storage system in it.

An electric vehicle or battery storage system can produce flammable vapors. So, people, especially emergency responders, need to know what they are facing to know how to assess the situation.

Once the Facebook post was published, a few Facebook users shared their feelings about the need for the stickers.


How do you feel about this?

Where Do You Buy These Stickers?

There are plenty of places and stores to buy these stickers.

Luckily, the Mishawaka Fire Department shared a link to buy some from Amazon.

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