We are always cheffing it up in the kitchen!

While you are trying to keep your ingredients fresh, you may be doing the opposite.

There are 3 items that you may have in your fridge that you should take out immediately.

What Are The 3 Things You Have To Take Out Your Fridge?


Many people may be storing their coffee beans in their fridge, which is a big no-no. Here's why.

Since refrigerators are typically more humid than your pantry, the coffee beans will absorb moisture, which causes them to grow mold.

Pavel Timofeyev/ThinkStock
Pavel Timofeyev/ThinkStock

In the same way, coffee beans can absorb the odor or smell from other food items. This can change the flavor of your coffee over time, which no one wants or needs.

Lastly, the cold temperature of the fridge can make the oils solidify, which will also affect the smell and overall taste of the coffee when you make it.

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This one shocked me when I figured this one out.

Same as the coffee, when it comes to the humidity of the fridge can cause the garlic to start sprouting or molding quicker.

The best temperature to keep garlic is between 60-65°F. Anything colder than that can cause the garlic to break down faster.

Eat plenty of garlic
Marian Weyo // Shutterstock

Garlic needs good air circulation to stay fresh. Since airflow is limited in a fridge, it can lead to moisture buildup, which will cause the garlic to spoil faster.

Also, cold temperatures can cause the garlic to be soft and lose its potent flavor.

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In the same vein as the garlic, you should not have onions in your fridge. Even if it is a leftover raw onion that you did not use, you should keep onions out of your fridge.


Once the onion is cut, it absorbs the bacteria in the air that when you eat it could be harmful.

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Also, the temperature of your fridge could cause the onion to convert starch to sugar, which can then lead to mold!


Well, you have been warned! Take these things out of your fridge for the best results for your food.

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