Jeff Beck has released an advance single that perfectly reflects the world-gone-wrong theme of his upcoming album Loud Hailer. Check out "Scared for the Children," which decries "the end of the ages of the innocent," below.

"The message is fairly clear," Beck tells Rolling Stone, which premiered "Scared for the Children." Loud Hailer vocalist "Rosie [Bones] interpreted my thematic brief, with regard to modern youth being dumbed down by endless drivel on TV." Guitarist Carmen Vandenberg completes Beck's core creative trio on the project.

The guitarist offers a quietly effective solo that recalls Jimi Hendrix's bluesier sides. "It's [Hendrix's] 'Angel' – there's no escape," Beck admitted. "I've never loved Hendrix more than I do now."

Loud Hailer, Beck's first full-length original album since 2010's Emotion & Commotion, is due on July 15. Vandenberg and Bones began collaborating with Beck after working in their own U.K.-based band Bones. They co-wrote 11 tracks on Loud Hailer together, including two instrumentals.

"It mostly came together like a textbook college band, where we'd sit down with a beer or two and there was an openness about it," Beck added. "What you hear is the most genuine result that I could come up with rather than a bunch of musos sitting around trying to gas each other out with as many notes as they could possibly play."

Beck's busy summer also includes tour dates with fellow guitar hero Buddy Guy in July and August, as well as the release of a new memoir titled Beck01.

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