Jell-o makes a lot of flavors of not only gelatin but pudding too. The only thing is you mostly make it all the same way. In a bowl in the fridge. Now you can make it a more fun way!

Ready for the college football season, Jell-o is now offering "New University Molds for the College Football Season"

"The product was first launched last year with a line up of four schools: the University of Arkansas, University of Florida, University of Michigan, and University of Texas. The 16 new schools for this year's line up are:

- University of Alabama
- University of California at Los Angeles
- University of Southern California
- University of Georgia
- Florida State University
- University of Iowa
- Louisiana State University
- Michigan State University
- University of Missouri
- University of North Carolina
- University of Oklahoma
- The Ohio State University
- University of Oregon
- University of Tennessee
- Texas A&M University
-University of Wisconsin

Each kit contains two trays of school logo or mascot molds as well as two boxes of Jell-O gelatin in team colors. The Jell-O University Mold Kits carry a suggested retail price of $5.99 and are available in grocery stores and mass retailers. If you can't find them in your area, they're also available on

Pretty sweet! Go Sparty!

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