Yesterday, Memorial Day 2016, my wife and I took some time to go check out the Memorial Day Parade. With nearly 100 entrants in the parade, there was more parade than battery on my camera! Here's are some of the highlights.

We recently bought a house in Jenison, so it was neat to know that there is a parade that wasn't too far away. Might I add a really cool parade, too. I was surprised by the fly overs, how big (and great) the Jenison High School band sounded, and the sheer number of businesses, churches, and civic leaders that would be in the parade.

As I'm new to the area, all I can do is compare it to what I know. As a Louisiana boy, my frame of reference for parades is Mardi Gras related. Now, before you get images of booze and debauchery, in the part of LA I'm from is the northwest part. Which is as different from New Orleans as Detroit is from Holland.

That being said, it reminded me of a my kind of parade. Family, fun, good times had by all! Oh and man, the weather was (in my opinion) PERFECTION! (Even if I did have to put on some aloe when I got home.)

I'm looking forward to next year's Memorial Day parade. Who knows? Maybe I'll do the Louisiana tradition and set up a tailgate before the parade and watch the 5k runners run by while I grill hot dogs. Though, that would be awful early for hot dogs.

Are breakfast hot dogs a thing? I should invent that and debut it next year at my breakfast tailgate.