As a Detroit Lions fan, I have low expectations, but when the other team says the Lions are about to difficult to read as a stop sign, there's pause for concern.

The New York Jets destroyed the lowly Lions 48-17 Monday night at Ford Field, and while that is not super surprising considering the Lions have stunk for a long time, star quarterback Matthew Stafford's four interceptions were, well, kind of off putting.

After the game, the Jets say they could read the Lions so easily, they knew where Stafford's passes were going to go. In other words, the Lions were SO predictable even a crappy defense knew what was up. Now that's a little disconcerting to say the least.

"We were calling out their plays as he was getting up to the line," linebacker Darron Lee said to ESPN.

"We knew his signals," Lee said. "We knew everything. That's just preparation as a defense. ... It seemed like we were in his head as a defense."

"I told those guys in there I’ll take this one," Stafford told the Detroit Free Press. "Hope I never have to say that again. I don’t want to do it. I’ll push myself as hard as I can to make sure I don’t have to. Felt prepared coming into the game, just didn’t make enough good decisions or good throws."

This has already begun talk about whether offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter has made enough changes to the Lions scheme, and if he hasn't, the question arises: should he be shown the door?

Lions fans are used to such shenanigans that it all just becomes a circus sideshow at this point.

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