Want proof? Thanks to WFGR Fan Lisa, the proof is right here. Gaffigan, who has been in town for Laughfest recently, did a stand up routine in 2004. Almost 10 years ago. In the routine he spelled it out. Almost ingredient by sweet delicious ingredient. I think there could be some royalty checks coming Mr Gaffigan's way soon.

From this story on upworthy.com "A Comedian's Disgusting Joke About Dunkin' Donuts Becomes An Actual Menu Item" Gaffigan's stand up routine had it all figured out...9 years ago.

"Jim Gaffigan's 2004 standup special "Beyond the Pale" contains some hilarious jokes on the well-traveled subject of fast food and the devastating lack of health and nutrition in America. To really drive the point home, he invented a fictional and absurdly unhealthy "doughnut ham hamburger." Nine years later, Gaffigan's joke became reality."

Actually, the "Donut Ham Hamburger" is closer to the Krispy Kreme hamburger served at GCS Ballpark in Surburban St. Louis. No biggie. It's all donuts anyway.

Thanks to Reddit, we can relive the routine with this meme. Strangely enough, there's no video of this part of his stand up special "Beyond the Pale" anywhere online. Hmmmmm. He also sells T-shirts. Nice.



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