On Nov. 22, Beatles fans will be given the opportunity to own a unique piece of memorabilia. Two sheets from Liverpool's Quarry Bank High School chronicling John Lennon's history of detention will be auctioned off.

The sheets, which have been authenticated by Lennon's childhood friend Pete Shotten, date from 1955-6. According to the records, Lennon received numerous detentions, which ranged from being a "nuisance" and causing "silliness" to "sabotage" and having "just no interest whatsoever." On one occasion, Lennon even received detention for being "1/4 hour late for detention." Despite his disciplinary record, Lennon and his friends took the name of their school for their band the Quarry Men, which eventually evolved into the Beatles.

"When I was interviewing John back in the '60, he delighted in recounting all his misdemeanors at school, along with Pete Shotton, how naughty they were, then laughing at their own bad behavior," Beatles biographer Hunter Davies said. "I thought he was exaggerating, flamming it up for effect, as successful people do when they get older, making themselves more a rebel than they were. But it turns out to be all true."

Bidding will begin at TracksAuction.com on Nov. 22 with the auction concluding on Dec. 1 at noon EMT, at which point a live bidding will take place. Each sheet is expected to fetch between $3,100 and $4,700.

Other items of interest to Beatles fans that will be sold at the same time include a pair of Lennon's cuff links, handwritten lyrics to an unpublished Paul McCartney song and a rare copy of the White Album signed by all four Beatles.