Before I went off on vacation, I was invited by the folks at the Easter Seals to rappel down the Plaza Towers to promote their Over The Edge fundraiser.

I had no idea how much my face gave away my true feelings.

The folks who run the Over The Edge events are very professional and they work real hard to keep your mind off the fact that you're hanging off the side of a building, 345 feet up.

I thought the whole time I was calm and relaxed, but these photos (courtesy of RT Photography, official photographer of the event) tell a different story. Clearly, I was very, very tense.

RT Photography

And I seemed to get more tense as I started dropping down the wall.

RT Photography 616-824-0130

Better yet? Nope.

RT Photography 616-824-0130

Finally, I can crack a smile. But I ain't letting go of that rope.

RT Photography 616-824-0130

Check out all the photos from the event here, and keep an eye out on their site for your chance to rappel next year.