Everyone wants to know when the great bands like the Hacky Turtles are playing at Festival. (Saturday 2pm, Ottawa Stage)

But not me, I'm designing a dining plan to include meat on a stick.

Walk with me through the food tents at Festival as I tell you the best spots and how to approach it.


K-Town Nachos (Beef version) -- Living Water CRC, booth 2, Ionia at Pearl. A dividable version of their spicy Korean Tacos, split an order with your friends before heading to bigger fare.

Entrée 1:

Polish Burritos -- St. Isidore's, booth 8, Lyon at Ottawa. What  happens when you combine the two best ethnic food styles of Grand Rapids? Deliciousness. These are filling, but there's room for more.

Entrée 2:

Souvlaki -- Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, booth 14, next to the Festival Store, Ottawa Street. If you haven't had the Souvlaki at Festival, have you even been to Festival? No. So go get that marinated pork sandwich now.


Shrimp Skewers -- Kenowa Hills instrumental Music, booth 17, behind the Calder Stage on Ottawa Street. A delightful little munch to hold you over until dessert.


Elephant Ears with Cinnamon -- Northview boosters, booth 6, Lyon Street at Ionia. Like the Souvlaki, it's a Festival tradition, so why not? Remember, when you eat Elephant Ears at Festival, they have no calories.

So there you have it, a food tour of Festival that will leave you satisfied and give you enough to walk around the musical venues and art tents three times over. Enjoy Festival 2018, and remember to say thanks to all the wonderful volunteers.

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