Who says you can't go home? Not Jon Bon Jovi, who recently helped fund the construction of an apartment building for low-income residents of Philadelphia.

Bon Jovi was on hand at the building's dedication ceremony on April 22, standing at the podium to deliver a set of remarks that included telling attendees, "The uniqueness of this project is not only in the beauty of this physical structure but also in its ability to showcase such a unique opportunity by providing shelter and an integrated array of services to so many of Philadelphia's most vulnerable youth and adults."

Speaking to the Associated Press later, Bon Jovi lamented economic stratification, saying the disadvantaged were being priced out of places to live -- a situation that was only made worse by the financial crisis that made headlines in 2007-08. "As we came through it we realized that the need was still there," he continued. "This is not a handout -- it's just a hand up. You have to qualify." And although he's justifiably proud of the work that went into the new building, he harbors no illusions regarding his ability to solve the entire problem; as he noted, "There were maybe 600 people that lined the street for 55 units."

Of course, none of these units will come anywhere near the New York penthouse Bon Jovi put on the market for $42 million last year, but it's definitely a step in the right direction -- and just the latest in a series of philanthropic efforts that includes the $1 million donation he made to hurricane relief efforts last summer.

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