The wife of Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi was rushed to hospital on Saturday morning (May 31) after suffering an accident at their New York home.

Billboard reports that Dorothea Hurley was working in the kitchen slicing an onion when the knife she was using slipped and severely cut the palm of her hand. Jon dialed 911 and was taken to Beth Israel Hospital to have the wound stitched closed, and was released later in the day.

Bon Jovi issued a statement to Billboard thanking "the EMTs and the doctors at Beth Israel that were terrific, as they normally are."

Jon and Dorthea celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the end of April. In a somewhat impulsive and completely secretive decision, the two were married in Las Vegas while Bon Jovi were promoting 1988's 'New Jersey' album.

“We did it for us and didn’t give a damn,” Bon Jovi told VH1. “I got a lot of heat from it, between the band, my parents, Doc [McGhee, Bon Jovi's manager]. Everybody was pissed off. It took me a couple of days before I realized that I don’t give a s--- what anybody thinks.”

Bon Jovi's duplex penthouse apartment, in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, has been on the market since April 2013. It is currently listed at $37.5 million. He purchased it for $24 million in 2007.

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