We all know how it goes here in Grand Rapids and West Michigan: "The world is coming to an end!" and "We will get 400 inches of snow an hour!"

It's kind of nice some place other than us was getting all the snow hype!

America's master satirist, Jon Stewart, had a straight-forward response to what he called Blizzapocalypsegeddon '15. He's kind of funny.

The snowstorm provided a whole lot of comedic fodder, the best of which came from Stewart himself on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

He taped Tuesday night's show during the beginning of the snowfall, and had some pretty hilarious things to say about it all.

"My guess is, if you are watching this program, New York is gone," he told the audience, somberly. "I hope you remember us for our world-class pizza and bridges, and not for our tendency to tell people who innocently happen to have their eyes locked with our eyes to go ---- themselves."

Remember when Jon was just a comedian? Good times; good times.

Rick Kern/Getty Images for Comedy Central
Rick Kern/Getty Images for Comedy Central

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