What were you doing 25 years ago today? Watching the very first "Seinfeld Chronicles?"

Probably not. Not many did that first few episodes.

Only when a year later, the "Chronicles" was dropped and it got a better timeslot did the show start to catch on. By the time "The Chinese Restaurant" aired in 1991, the show was on it's way.

Rolling Stone, a magazine and website about music, has a great couple of articles about the best shows and pop culture changing catchphrases the show spawned. "Master of Their Domain: 10 Great 'Seinfeld' Episodes" and "Close Talkers and Double Dippers: 15 Phrases 'Seinfeld' Spawned" dig in depth the phenomenon that was Seinfeld.

"'The Contest'
Aired: Nov. 18, 1992
Season: 4
George's mother walks in on him masturbating while leafing through her issue of Glamour magazine. The shock causes her to fall and hurt her back, landing her in the hospital. When George vows to never jerk off again, the rest of the gang joins him in a wager to see who can hold out the longest. Each encounters a challenge to their ability to remain "master of [their] domain": Kramer caves after he's aroused by an exhibitionist across the street who strolls around her apartment nude. Jerry is already frustrated because he's dating a virgin ("Marla," played by Jane Leeves). Elaine meets her dream man, John F. Kennedy Jr, at her gym. It's later revealed, in 'The Puffy Shirt," when George becomes a hand model and is cautioned against the perils of ruining his hands, that he "won a contest once."

To celebrate, today (July 5) TBS, where Seinfeld lives in syndication, "will commemorate the exact day the show debuted in 1989 with a marathon featuring the five most seminal Seinfeld episodes: "The Contest," "The Outing," "The Junior Mint," "The Puffy Shirt" and "The Yada Yada." The network is also urging fans to chime in on Twitter with the hashtag #seinfeld25."

So before you go to the #GRFireworks, set the DVR. Or just watch your own copies of the show. Or just miss it and watch online. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

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