Airbnb, to me, is a great alternative to staying in hotels (or my brother's couch) when I'm traveling. More often than not, staying in another person's home is much more comfortable, and relaxing than the previous alternatives.

But I can guarantee, if I were to ever stay in this downtown Kalamazoo Airbnb, I'd never get any "relaxing" done, because it's full of video games that I would spend the ENTIRE trip trying to beat.

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The spot has three floors, two blocks off of Downtown, and can sleep up to 8 people, with four bedrooms, six beds, and two full baths. So pack in your family, or a bachelor party or something - For a week, you can have this place for just over $1,500 a week ($197 a night), and you're within walking distance of most of the best spots in Kalamazoo.

It's a good deal, even if this wasn't a massively cool spot to crash, but WELL worth the price once you see what's on the inside - GAMES! Endless video games!


Arcade boxes, classic consoles, and all the video game nostalgia you can handle on the walls upstairs. If you've got kids with you while you stay here, guarantee you won't see them again for a couple days (or me, for that matter).

Now, obviously, you have to actually "live" in this spot, too, so all of the rooms are very clean with big, comfortable beds after a hard-day's gaming, spacious living rooms that are a BIT quieter for taking a break from the video games, and a big kitchen, too, for cooking meals... between gaming sessions.

Look through the gallery below, and tell me this isn't the ONLY place you'll recommend to people to stay when they come to town to visit.

Gamer Airbnb in Downtown Kalamazoo

This Airbnb is a gamer's dream, and RIGHT off of Downtown Kalamazoo. So when you aren't spending every waking moment in the gamer room, you're out on the town.

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