Elizabeth Neeley from Kalamazoo has been trying to figure out what a strange rock that has been in her family for years really is. After examining it she thought she had perhaps it was a meteorite, but took it to the Michigan Rocks Facebook page to get some better insight.  What she ended up getting was a lot of humor instead:

That looks exactly like the "meteorite" Joe Dirt found and then he found out it was how they empty the planes sewage.

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After all the comedy, there were people actually trying to deduce what it was. I reached out to her and asked if she ever got a straight answer. She at least saw the humor in it all:

Well if I went with the whole "majority rules" thing, then I would have to say its a space peanut like the one Joe Dirt found, lol. But other than that I'm not too sure? I didn't imagine I would have gotten this many likes or as many comments about it. There's so many I have a hard time keeping up with them all. Everyone seems to all have a different opinion on what it could be. I'm going to have to find a geologist to look at it I believe.

Where It Was Found

It was found in a field in East Leroy, Michigan about 25 years ago by her father and uncle. They've always just called it the meteorite because none of them had ever seen something like that before and with the groove on the one side, its got to be from the comets tail right?

I know it's far fetched but when we were kids it was awesome!

If anyone has any idea what it could be, please reach out and let us know

Did This Kalamazoo Woman Find A Meteorite, Space Poop, or What?

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