They say this week more people quit their jobs than ever before and stunts like this aren't helping the situation.

Workers at the Target Distribution Center in Kalamazoo have remained steadfast during the pandemic, showing up for work and keeping the supply chain moving.

So when they found out the hourly boost they were getting for the upcoming busy Holiday season wasn't quite what they expected at two dollars more per hour, they were understandably disappointed, and they expressed this to management.

The following day, the employees were given strange fortune cookies that had messages inside that appeared to be mocking them for their complaints.

When opened the cookies had "fortunes" in them that read, "I see money in your future.  It's not yours though", "the fortune you seek is in another cookie", and "this cookie fell on the ground."

Target management says they did not know the cookies were goofy, prank cookies instead cookies with more uplifting messages and that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.

“At Target, we take our team members’ concerns seriously and we work directly with them to quickly address any issues," Brian Harper-Tibaldo, a Target spokesperson, told WWMT News. "We provided snacks to the team this week, including fortune cookies with pre-printed messages inside. We’ve looked into this and are confident Target did not have any hand in choosing the written fortunes; they were simply the messages that came in the fortune cookies."

By the way, it's unclear what raise the employees were expecting, but one person did suggest that he's being paid LESS than new hires are getting.

That said, Target boosted their minimum wage over the past few years, and last year, they gave out holiday bonuses starting at $500.

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