Gary Ross’ female-fronted Ocean’s Eleven sorta-sequel-spinoff-whatever has started picking up steam, and in addition to confirming Cate Blanchett’s casting, the latest update adds two more talented names to the ensemble: Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter. The trio join Sandra Bullock in the upcoming project, which is being produced by original Ocean’s trilogy director Steven Soderbergh.

There is just one bit of sad news, as Showbiz 411 reveals that Jennifer Lawrence was unable to work the Ocean’s project into her busy schedule, which includes a Darren Aronofsky thriller (reportedly titled Day 6, according to IMDb). But the site offers a wealth of good news, with Helena Bonham Carter and The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling joining the heist comedy’s ensemble. Cate Blanchett’s casting has also been confirmed following reports last week that the Oscar-winning actress was eyeing a role in the project.

Currently operating under the title Ocean’s Ocho (because there are eight characters instead of 11), the film is said to star Bullock as the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean. Like her brother, she’s also a recently-released convict who plots a revenge-inspired heist with the help of a skilled crew of fellow criminals. There were tentative plans for Clooney to make a cameo in the film, but that idea has been tabled for the time being.

Gary Ross (Free State of Jones) is helming the new Ocean’s movie based on a screenplay by Olivia Milch, who previously scripted Queen & Country and Little Women.

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