Honey Boo Boo. Any "Real Housewife." The Duggars. Kate Gosselin and her 47 kids.

Why do TV networks still give these people outlets?

A sneak of Gosselin's new "Kate Plus 8" -- with her other two kids because we need the money to live in our million--dollar--house show -- has surfaced online, Access Hollywood reports via Yahoo News.

To date, only 11 people have seen it. And now you are 12.

According to the report, Gosselin is feeling "overwhelmed" (can ya blame her!) with "her teen twins and 10-year-old sextuplets. TLC has released a new clip from the upcoming five 'Kate Plus Eight' specials."

In scenes from the specials, the giant brood takes a trip to New England (complete with Pilgrim dress up time and lobster catching), renovates their home (which looks like it doesn't goes so smoothly) and celebrates Maddie and Cara's 14th birthdays."

Why do people still find this monster of a woman and her kids who live in the shoe interesting. Really? "Oh it's so hard raisin 10 kids by myself because my jerky no good husband breathes too loud" she might as well be saying.

There's a good chance WHATEVER else is on January 13--including a blank screen--is what I will be watching.

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