Here's everything I know about stock car racing:

Absolutely nothing. 

But, what I do know is that this young woman from Michigan is absolutely kicking butt in the field of stock car racing.

Meet Katie Hettinger. Katie is 15 years old, from Dryden, MI, and has been racing since she was five years old. She started off racing Quarter Midget cars which, for those who are uneducated like me, look like this:

Already, even as a child, her skills took her to races across the country where she won 40 different races. Again, as a kid.

According to her website, her passion for racing did not wane as she grew older.

  • At 9 years old, she was doing 600cc Micro Sprints
  • At 14, she began racing at the highest levels of local stock car racing.
  • That same year, she became the youngest female race winner at North Carolina’s Hickory Motor Speedway

Now, at 15 she has set yet another record.

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Earlier this month, on February 16th, Katie Hettinger became the first female to win a World Series feature in the Pro Late Model division. Here she is talking about her experience:

Now, do I understand what any of that means? No. But, I still think it's amazing. I love watching this younger generation (and beyond) making themselves known in areas where women have not always been present.

Katie is a third-generation racer following in her Father and Grandfather's footsteps. So, what's next for the teen? More racing! Her goal is to eventually win the NASCAR cup.

If you want to follow along with Katie's journey, even if you don't watch stock car racing, you can follow her on Facebook or check out her website here. Or, find her races on Youtube. Here's one from October of 2022:

Katie, I doubt you'll ever read this. But, if you do, keep kicking butt on that race track!

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