Really?...REALLY? He's not kidding. Why?

What possibly could be explored in part 3. George Carlin is dead. The guy who played Ted...his CAREER is dead. Keanu he THAT hard up for cash? And where would they go on their next "Excellent Adventure"? A business seminar? A divorced dad's retreat? They are both in the their mid 40's for god's sake! It's kind of like when an athlete hangs on too long, and plays way past their prime. This movie, if it HAD to be made, should have been made in 1997.


Here's the story from - Bill & Ted 3: Keanu Reeves Confirms Bill & Ted 3

Having said all that, the first movie was kind of funny. Of course I was 20 went it came out, and I used to think Urkel was kind of funny too.

Here's a clip from the original and still best Excellent Adventure.

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