We are all looking forward to the warmer weather and summer temperatures. That also means trying to keep the car clean and the bugs off the windshield later this year. Several new car washes will be built and will be opening in the West Michigan area in the coming months.

EV Construction, based in Holland, MI, will be partnering with Quality Car Wash and Tommy’s Express to build five new car wash locations in the area.

There will be a new Quality Car Wash built in Norton Shores on what is now a empty lot at 747 W. Norton Avenue. That car wash is expected to be finished in July. The other location will be in Holland at 2352 North Park Drive. That location had been a Pizza Hut restaurant.

Quality Car Wash currently has locations in Grand Haven, four in Holland, and one in Muskegon.

There will be three new Tommy's Express car wash locations. The newest one to open will be at 9481 Cherry Valley Avenue, SE, in Caledonia. They plan to open in April. Another Tommy's Express will be built in Grand Rapids at6390 28th Street, SE, that will be open in June. And the third car wash will be at 8334 Byron Center Avenue, SE, in Byron Center. They hope to have that location open in August.

These car washes will be in addition to the ten existing Tommy's Express Car Wash locations operating in Byron Center, Caledonia, Cascade, Cutlerville, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hudsonville, Jenison, Kentwood, Wyoming.

The businesses are joined by the 17 West Michigan locations of Mister Car Wash (including their five locations along 28th Street from Wyoming to Cascade!).

If you figure in the privately owned, or the do-it-yourself car washes...West Michigan might just be the car wash capital of the U.S.! A Google search for car washes just in Grand Rapids reveals a total of 20 different locations. That number continues to grow if  you figure in the suburbs. That's a lot of car washes. There is no excuse for having a dirty car!


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