I'm not a big political kind of guy...I really don't have any interest in all the "He's a big Liberal so-and-so" or "She's so right wing..." crap. Having said that, I do like Keith Olberman for 2 reasons that really have nothing to do with politics.

Number 1, he used to be on Sportscenter back in the day when it was THE sports show to watch. Dan Patrick and Keith..."en fuego"..."The Big Show"...it was the heyday of sports highlight shows...if one could use the term "heyday" to describe sports highlight shows.

Number 2, he has a keen sense of television history. He always signs off his broadcasts with "Goon Night, and Good Luck", which was the sign off phrase of Edward R Murrow. It was even the title of the biography of Murrow, and the film based on said biography. Then, last night, after spending 6 months off the air to complete his contract with MSNBC, he started his new show on Current TV by simply stating "As I was saying..."

That phrase is significant because it's the same phrase muttered by Jack Parr on his return to the Tonight Show in 1960 after walking off due to a joke being cut a month before. In other words, both just "picked up right where they left off" the last time they were on the air. As a TV history buff (or nerd) I appreciate that sense of history Olberman has with the medium that pays for his 3 houses and 6 luxury cars.

Good Night and Good Luck.