Get ready to have your mind blown with this funky mash-up of Kendrick Lamar's new track "King Kunta" and the Seinfeld theme song. 

Yes, we said Seinfeld.

Thanks to SoundCloud user Jack Dudley, you can now combine your love of Jerry Seinfeld with your love of Kendrick Lamar.  That's something you never imagined you'd be able to do, right? (Unless you make super, super weird playlists, but that's besides the point.)

"To Pimp A Seinfeld" is a jazzy jam, pulling the '90s-inspired bass lines of each track into pure synchronicity. That iconic bass riffs from the Seinfeld theme song, somehow, as if by magic fits seamlessly to the beat of "King Kunta"  Seriously, maybe Lamar was on a Seinfeld binge when he was recording his newest album because the similarities are uncanny. Naturally, the track is captioned, "what if kendrik was s[i]enfeld." We'd love to see how this Jack Dudley's brain works. Alas, "To Pimp A Seinfield" is the mastermind's only track, but it's a glorious. The 50-second track is slowly gaining traction -- it's had almost 120,000 plays since it was uploaded March 22.

Maybe Larry David's secret DJ name is Jack Dudley. It seems like something the Seinfeld creator would do. Maybe Jack Dudley is just a brilliant kid with a ridiculous brain. Either way, we approve.

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