Kent County has a lead problem but are making steps to find a solution.

According to WZZM, lead poisoning is still an issue in Kent County but the County Commission has passed a vote to grab the bull by the horns on the lead problems for the county.

A report was posted in December of 2018 from the Kent County Lead Task Force regarding lead poisoning in homes built before 1978 and how it has affected children in the area.

The Kent County Commission has created two new Sanitarian positions that will be working through the county health department to investigate high risk homes in the county. The two new full time employees will be investigating Elevated Blood Lead as well at Paint inspections and Health Risk Assessments.

The county's general fund will be used to pay for the two salaries that add up to nearly $154,000 between the two employees.

A grassroots campaign called Fund Our Future has said there are 433 addresses in Kent County where families have kids with elevated lead levels. Most of these issues appear to be families living in rental units.

More recommendations will be made once the two lead inspectors get inside the homes to take the tests.


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