The official end to the season for Kent County Parks is October 31st, but that doesn't mean that you can no longer visit.  The Kent County Park Department even says on its website "While our parks aren't "open" in the winter, they're not really "closed" either. They're....hibernating?"

So, what can you do while the parks are "hibernating"?  For the most part, all of the parks remain open but some of the hours change.  As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that the parks open at 7am and close at sunset.  A few exceptions include:

  • Fisk Knob and Gordon Park (closed entirely for the off-season)
  • Douglas Walker Park and Millennium Park (parks close at 3pm)
  • Pickerel Lake Park (park closes at 7pm)
  • Wabasis Lake Park (park closes at 2:30pm and is only open when staff is present)

You can also assume that most of the parking lots will be plowed and that most of the bathrooms will be closed.  Trails are generally open as well but may be in poor condition depending on the weather.

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