Kent County has announced that they aren’t taking any more recyclables starting Friday, March 27th at 5 pm, MLive reports.

If you live in Grand Rapids, the city says you can keep recycling with your curbside cart, except instead of the recyclables going to the recycling center to go to the waste to energy facility. If you don’t like that your stuff is going to the incinerator, city officials say to keep your recyclables until after the coronavirus situation subsided.

This is interesting to know, according to the MLive story, the COVID-19 virus lives in plastic and stainless steel for up to 3 days.  On cardboard, it’s still infectious for 24 hours. (I’m wiping everything down from the grocery store from now on!)

Both the Recycling and Education Center and North Kent County Recycling and Waste Center will close Friday at 5 pm and stay closed until further notice.

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