With the pandemic completely changing the way millions of families work and learn, it’s become increasingly aware just how many people do not have access to high-speed Internet whether it be because of where they live or financial issues.

The city of Kentwood has decided to do something about that, according to WZZM. They teamed with Kent County to add public Wi-Fi to 11 of their city parks, as well as the City Campus where City Hall is located.

WZZM says the City of Kentwood was able to add public Wi-Fi because Kent a county was awarded $114.6 million from the CARES Act which then allocated $1 million to the county for “near-term” slim ruins for public free Wi-Fi access for residents.

Kentwood Mayor Stephen Kelley told WZZM,

“The pandemic has increased demand for internet use and many in our community do not have access. We are grateful to be able to provide more public Wi-Fi across Kentwood for our residents, especially our students, to stay connected for work, school and play.”

Here are the parks around Kentwood that you can now use free public Wi-Fi, thanks to WZZM,

  • Bowen Station Park, 4499 Bowen Blvd. SE

  • City Campus - City Hall, 4900 Breton Ave. SE

  • City Campus - volleyball courts, 5068 Breton Ave. SE

  • East Paris Nature Park, 5995 East Paris Ave. SE

  • Home Acres Park, 145 Farnham St. SE

  • Jaycee Park, 1088 Gentian Drive SE

  • Kellogg Woods Park, 275 Kellogg Woods Park Drive SE

  • Northeast Park, 1900 Middleground Drive SE

  • Old Farm Park, 2350 Embro Drive SE

  • Pinewood Park, 1999 Wolfboro Drive SE

  • Stanaback Park, 3717 Whitebud Drive

  • Stauffer Station Park, 2360 52nd St. SE

  • Veterans Memorial Park, 355 48th St. SE

WZZM says that the City of Kentwood will pay the expected $18,000 for monthly electricity and Wi-Fi service for the next two years.

Kent County Parks also added free Wi-Fi as part of the same initiative, according to the WZZM story.

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