A doctor, a grocery store employee, a mother... all do different things but all have worn capes throughout the global pandemic and Cedar Point Amusement Park has a thrilling way to say thank you to those heroes.

Now through May 29, you can nominate someone as an "Everyday Hero" and they could be chosen to win lifetime admission to Cedar Point. According to the contest page, eligible nominees include

...frontline nurses, doctors, EMT’s, caregivers, supply chain workers, parents who are now self-taught teachers, grocery store and retail workers, neighbors and anyone who’s gone above and beyond to help others during these challenging times.

Include a photo of the person you're nominating and tell a story of how they've inspired you i.e. how did they step up for their community, contributions, etc. An official list of rules can be found here.

On June 11th, a panel of judges will select the 10 people whom they think should receive the "ticket of a lifetime." Winners will be announced the same day.

The lifetime pass is for both the amusement park and the waterpark.

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