Michigan Tech's lacrosse team is full of future engineers, so why not listen to their suggestions for knocking down the ice that falls upon cars below?

Ice Is A Springtime Problem On The Big Mac

Ice forming on the Mackinac Bridge and then falling hundreds of feet to the roadway below has caused all sorts of problems this early spring season due to lingering snow and low temperatures up north. The falling chunks cause a huge issue, because if they hit a vehicle, it could kill or injure the occupants. So the Bridge closes for hours on end, often without much notice.

One group of people delayed this weekend was the Michigan Tech lacrosse club, returning from a game in Big Rapids against Ferris State. After having to wait over four hours to return their long journey home, the team tweeted some possible solutions to the icing issues on the bridge.

Their Ideas Drew An Instant Response From The Bridge Itself

While drones with hairdryers were the best idea I've heard yet, throwing lacrosse balls drew a quick retort from the Twitter feed of the Mackinac Bridge itself, who wondered whether anyone on the team could hurl a lacrosse ball 300 feet into the air to knock down some ice.

The response was quick: 'We can,' said the team Tweeter, 'Just not accurately.' To which the Bridge sighed, 'We'll keep looking, then.'

The dragon idea is also pretty good, but we all know how that worked out on 'Game of Thrones', and I don't think we need to go THERE, at least not just yet.

Tech Lacrosse Is A Club Sport, Meaning It's More About Having Fun Than Winning

The Tech lacrosse team is a club sport, meaning they support themselves and receive no school funding. Their games at Ferris were part of a group gathering involving several teams, where the team played two games in the Great Lakes Lacrosse League. I'm not sure how they fared, but they seemed to have a good time.

Also, they pitch in and help each other out, with some Tech players sharing playing time with the Loyola Chicago squad and vice versa.

Here's a team photo:

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