It's going to be a chilly weekend if you plan on swimming in the Big Lake. Here's hoping you have a wet suit.

North winds pushing in behind Tuesday's storm front have chilled things out on the Lakeshore.

The National Weather Service posted on their Facebook page that the water temperature at the Ludington buoy dropped from 73 degrees Tuesday at 3pm to 41 degrees on Wednesday morning at 1am. That's over three degrees every hour on the hour! Yikes!

With the wind still whipping, this makes for a chilly day at the Lake. Air temperatures will rise into the mid 80s by the weekend, but don't look for that water temperature to increase anytime soon. Water temps this afternoon still ranging from the upper 40s to mid 50s. The warmest is Grand Haven at a chilly 57 degrees. That's hypothermia cold, so be careful.


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