A solid comeback by the Lake Superior Twitter account on a political troll has garnered national attention. Who knew they were so sassy?

If You Didn't Know,  All Five Great Lakes Have Twitter Feeds

Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie all tweet semi-regularly, usually mundane facts about themselves like how deep they are, or what temperature they are currently.

But Lake Superior tends to run their mouth a lot, declaring themselves Superior to all the Great Lakes, and dogging politicians like Wisconsin's Ron Johnson.

Lake Superior Blew Up Nationally When They Got Into It With A Troll

The Lake's Twitter followers jumped considerably after it got into it with a political troll following a pro-choice tweet. Which is the Lake exercising its right to free speech, doncha know.

When a pro-life troll decided to lay some beef at the Lake, the Superior got sassy and cracked back hard. Regardless of your political point of view, this is a pretty good line.



OUCH! I love a big lake with a big mouth.

Twitter instantly responded to Lake Superior's slap back, with some blocking the Lake, which only helped the humor.

But the trolls kept on a coming.

And Lake Superior reminded this guy that most of the time the Big Lake IS fun and games.


Even Lake Michigan tweeted out some love with this little compliment.

Meanwhile Lake Huron hasn't tweeted since 2014, so they stayed out of the fray, and Lake Erie is far too shallow to have a take (see what I did there?). But they remained the dirtiest of the lakes.

And further below, Lake Ontario, seems to be stuck in 2009, but at least they're joyfully ignorant of current events. Sometimes I wish I was.

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