Common sense says that when the power goes out and stoplights are no longer working, that we should treat those intersections like a 4 way stop, right?  Well in Michigan, common sense is not correct when it comes to that scenario.

According to the law, you’re supposed to yield to the vehicles to your right.

Confusing right?

That’s what Republican Rick Jones thinks too!

According to Fox 17, he has drafted a bill that he says both Michigan State Police and AAA are behind, which would make intersections where the stoplights are out a 4 way stop.

As the senator told Fox 17,

“Why don’t we make this common sense?" says Jones. "Why don’t we simplify it and make it the way that people already think that it is and simply treat it as a 4 way stop?”

The Fox 17 story says the state Senate has approved the bill, now the state House has to approve it before it can go to the Governor’s office.

Once passed, the bill would take effect sometime next year.

Score 1 for common sense.