Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are targeting the state's sales & use taxes on items like tampons & menstrual pads.

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While the state of Michigan doesn't currently target these items with any special tax, they are currently subject to the state's 6% sales tax when purchased. Items purchased online free of taxes are also subject to the state's 6% use tax.

Lawmakers in committee will be able to vote on whether to send Democratic State Rep. Tenisha Yancey's bill to the house floor that would eliminate the use tax on menstrual items.

A companion bill from West Michigan lawmaker State Rep. Bryan Posthumus would target the removal of the state's sales tax on these items, if both bills are sent to the floor and passed, they would effectively end what some call the 'Pink Tax' or 'Tampon Tax' for the millions of Michigan women who use these products.

Various pieces of legislation have been introduced in the state of Michigan over the past 5 years with little success, but representatives hope that the current bipartisan support for the issue will help these current bills move through committee to the house floor, and eventually pass through the state senate to be signed by Governor Whitmer.

We will be making them much more affordable to those who are not able to afford them currently...Menstrual hygiene and products are not a luxury...They are health care. -Democratic Rep. Tenisha Yancey.


It is just common sense...When this legislation gets pigeon-holed into partisan legislation or when it gets pigeon-holed into gender-specific legislation, that’s closed-minded thinking -Republican Rep. Brian Posthumus

A report by the ACLU says that making menstrual products more easily available and affordable is an issue of dignity:

In order to have a fully equitable and participatory society, we must have laws and policies that ensure menstrual products are safe and affordable for everyone who needs them. The ability to access these items affects a person’s freedom to work, study, stay healthy, and engage in the world with basic dignity.

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