The lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson regarding sending out absentee voter applications has been tossed out of court.

I always find it suspicious when someone will go to any length to keep people from voting, especially during a pandemic.

With the spread of the coronavirus still not under control, it only makes sense to allow everyone to vote by mail out of safety reasons.

There is even a law that was passed in 2018 that approved a constitutional amendment that allows people to vote absentee for any reason. That being said, I'm not sure why someone would sue the state to try and stop absentee voting.

According to WOOD, in a Michigan court Wednesday, a judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the secretary of state's mailing of absentee ballot applications to millions of voters who did not request one. The judge also ruled that Jocelyn Benson had the authority to send the applications with clear and broad authority.

I voted by mail in the primary this year and will vote in the presidential election by mail as well. I do what I can to stay out of crowds and if I can avoid a voter line, I'm going to as long as I get to vote.

With all the mail controversy that is going on, as soon as I get my ballot to vote I will send it in within 24 hours so there is no chance it will be late. I suggest that anyone else who votes by mail to do the same or come Election Day, dress for the occasion with a mask, social distance while in line, and wipe down your voting station before and after use.

You have to be a registered voter with a state I.D. to even get an absentee application and to fill it out. These ballots are numbered by the state and cannot be duplicated in order to get an official ballot to vote.

Rather than trying to stop people from voting, I would rather see gerrymandering be outlawed and all the districts re-mapped or just go by the county and its population. If people and politicians really wanted fair elections that is a no-brainer.

I also think that all debates and rallies should be on public television only, that way all candidates would get equal time and not have to have an equal campaign budget to do so.

It seems very simple to solve. Hopefully things change but voting is the only way to make change happen.

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