Now that the New Orleans Saints season is over, the Detroit Lions are looking at Saints assistant head coach Dan Campbell to fill the vacant coaching slot in Detroit.

The Lions seem to be pretty hot on Campbell as head coach. There is already talk of a possible hire with hours if not a few days this week.

I was surprised to learn of the interest in Campbell when I really thought that San Francisco 49ers Robert Saleh was a shoe in for the position with his ties to the area. He was a fan favorite on the shortlist of candidates for the position. Hopefully we don't learn the hard way that he would have been the right guy since he recently landed the head coaching slot for the New York Jets.

According to MLive, Saints assistant head coach Dan Campbell is the leading candidate after a recent virtual interview with the Lions organization last week. Now that Campbell's season is over he is now eligible to interview in person for the job.

Sources say that after the in person interview, there will be a deal in place for Campbell to be the next Lions head coach.

Campbell played at one point for the Detroit Lions during his 10 year NFL career from 2006 to 2008. Campbell has spent most of his career playing under Sean Payton whether is was for the New York Giants', Dallas Cowboys or the New Orleans Saints.

Campbell's coaching career starting in Miami as a tight ends coach in 2011. He was the interim head coach when Joe Philbin was axed in 2015. After not landing the Dolphins head coach position he went to work for Payton in New Orleans in 2016 where he has been the last five years.

I guess we will all find out the news in a couple let's just hope Detroit has finally picked the right guy to lead this team to the playoffs.

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